Powerpad 3

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  • Eredeti ár 38.100 Ft
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The latest evolution of Zhik’s patented next generation hiking pad system, now with a superior fit. Powerpads spread the hiking load forces across a greater surface area for longer and stronger hiking and speed on the water. Designed to be even more streamlined and comfortable with a new, adjustable fit to support a wider range of movement, with durable, slim profile 4-batten pads that conform to your leg. Reinforced in high wear areas for added durability, Powerpads III work under any Zhik wetsuit.

- ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: For a customised fit and more comfort
- DURABLE, SLIM PROFILE 4-BATTEN PADS: Designed to conform to the wearers legs for great comfort
- REINFORCED AREAS: Added reinforcement in high wear areas for increased durability
- IMPROVED FIT: Supports a wider range of movement with a superior fit and construction
- WORKS UNDER ANY WETSUIT: Works with any wetsuit in the Zhik range